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Predictive Analytics

How Predictive Analytics Can Supercharge Field Sales Effectiveness

In a Modern Trade context, it is relatively straightforward to assign an appropriate level of field sales resource to outlets because stores can be prioritized thanks to the free availability of store level data from retailers. In markets and channels with no such data the task is much more complex. This White Paper considers how Read more about How Predictive Analytics Can Supercharge Field Sales Effectiveness[…]

Sales Force ROI with increased sales

Improving Field Sales ROI

Field Sales teams are expensive to run, but their impact on sales can be difficult to calculate. Many brand owners rely on imprecise assumptions about the impact of sales activities on revenues to generate an assumed ROI. However, the advent of more widely available retailer Scan or EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) data allied with Read more about Improving Field Sales ROI[…]

Successful execution of the business plan

Transforming the Customer Conversation on Business Plan Compliance

An enormous amount of organizational effort is invested in developing and subsequently negotiating an annual business plan with retail partners. These important agreements provide the supplier with support for their demand drivers and in return a “reasonable” commercial return for the customer. The danger is that these agreements are often not reviewed. Successful CPG’s drive Read more about Transforming the Customer Conversation on Business Plan Compliance[…]

Arrival of the new product in stores

Optimizing New Product Execution

When it comes to new product launches, timing is key. Brand Owners invest significant sums in announcing their new products via advertising and PR campaigns, all carefully timed to coincide with the arrival of the product in stores. All too often, retailers don’t achieve the agreed level of distribution by the target date. Sometimes the Read more about Optimizing New Product Execution[…]

Promotion execution for better sales, brand share and profitability

Optimizing Promotional Execution in Grocery Retail

While trade promotion spend by CPG manufacturers continues to increase, retailer compliance is trending downward, especially when performance is measured at the store/day/SKU level. This really matters. Brands are paying retailers large sums in promotional gate fees simply to be allowed to run events, with higher fees payable for the better locations in store. If Read more about Optimizing Promotional Execution in Grocery Retail[…]


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