20:20 Field View

20:20 Field View is a multi-platform application which directs field sales teams to the biggest opportunities in every store they visit. It generates daily, store-level alerts to dramatically improve productivity and effectiveness.

Sending field teams to stores is a high-cost investment. To ensure a good return on that investment, it is vital to assign resources to those stores with the most pressing issues for your brands. That’s why our app uses the most up-to-date EPoS sales data to analysis the opportunity (we call it Size of Prize) in every store. This allows the field operatives to focus on the stores with the greatest potential for increased sales, and also to spend less time in those stores which are running well. The complexity of modern retailing makes this data led approach essential. Stores stock over 70,000 SKUs, run hundreds of promotions per week, conduct dozens of range reviews per month, and are constantly introducing new products or deleting others. Technology provides a simple route through this morass of detail – showing the specific opportunity in each store, the reason the  SKUs under performing and the value of fixing it. Time auditing the shelves and hunting around the store is massively reduced, allowing field personnel to focus on adding value. Click here to see a short animation.

20:20 Sales View

20:20 RDI’s unique 20:20 Sales View software generates timely reports and alerts highlighting performance gaps and sales opportunities, helping account managers and supply chain teams to optimize sales. 

Managing large retailers has never been more challenging. The pace of change is relentless, and the trend amongst retailers to reduce the size of their head office support staff has resulted in more work for suppliers who are expected to manage much more of the fine detail. In particular, this means ensuring availability by managing all parts of the supply chain, project management, promotional planning and implementation, policing retailer compliance, new product launch and promotional agreements. Retailers have introduced supplier web portals which gives access to all the data required to shine a light on the excellence of execution – all the way down to an individual SKU, selling in a specific store on a specific day. However, these portals provide only the raw data – it is up to suppliers to turn this data into useable information and then to actionable insights. Our 20:20 Sales View platform provides a fast track to this actionable insight, with a series of automated alerts sent to the inbox of the right stakeholder, standardised graphs and charts and compliance tracking reports which transforms the performance of  customer management teams. With functionality designed to support sales teams, category and customer marketing teams and supply chain personnel, 20:20 Sales View is a perfect response to an increasingly complex world.

ROI View

Our 20:20 RDI ROI View dashboard automatically calculates the ROI of field operations at the most granular level. This analysis of EpoS data leads to improvements in field marketing effectiveness.

Whether you have your own field sales team, a full time outsourced operation or an ad hoc approach to using field marketing agencies at specific periods, it is vital to know the ROI on your field sales spend. Both your strategy and the level of your spend can be hugely influenced by knowing which in-store actions add the greatest value, and also those which add the least.

Many organisations merely track the claimed activities of a sales force without ever attempting to measure the true impact by using store level EPoS data. Many organizations simply record the number of dump bins sited during a promotion for example, making an assumption about the incremental sales likely to have been generated. By using the real data we can isolate the true impact of the sales visit, separating this from the support and actions of store staff to help our clients really focus on the value added activities.

Our clients find that sharing Best Practice, eliminating unproductive activity and building an ROI culture in the field team can have a massive impact on your sales.


20:20 RDI’s Revenue Accelerator Workshop (RAW) is a fast, hard-hitting and great way for brand owners to see the potential incremental sales our software could help to liberate.

We’ve found that many brand owners would like to work more closely with retailer data, but lack either the time or the internal resource to make a start. It is inevitable that rolling out a new and more engaged approach will have budgetary implications, but of course it is far easier to make the business case if you have some idea of the potential upside. That’s why we created our RAW event. We simply take a sample retailer, process a recent chunk of EPoS data, and help suppliers see by how sales could increase if they optimized customer management. We measure the impact of non-compliance to ranging agreements, promotional programmes and NPD roll out to assess the cash effect of imperfect execution.

We share these insights in a half-day workshop with a variety of cross functional stakeholders to tease out the practical steps that could help to liberate some of the opportunity our software has exposed. Want to know if it’s worth working with us to interrogate your EPoS data? Book a RAW event now!

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