20:20 RDI Animation Explains EPoS Dashboard in Two Minutes

20:20rdi animation explains EPoS dashboard in 120 seconds

20:20 RDI’s EPoS dashboard helps sales teams measure and track retailer performance, identifying opportunities to increase sales and solve problems. Our two minute animation explains succinctly how the service works – ideal for potential clients wishing to explain the key features of the system to colleagues.

Click here to view the animation.

The system enables client to analyse their retailers’ EPoS data delivering actionable insight into sales performance.  We have created a simple web-based reporting dashboard to provide regular performance reporting, opportunity analysis and compliance alerts for all the major retailers.

The portal provides a series of pre-configured, but drillable and filterable reports, to present users with key information about the performance of their products in each retailer. The information is aggregated in a series of summary charts and reports which present a cross retailer view of sales out performance.

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