20:20 RDI Field View App Now a Registered Trademark

20:20 Field View App now a registered trademark

20:20 RDI  has registered a trademark for its App designed for use by field-based salespeople. The App will now be known as 20:20 Field View and the logo will appear in every client implementation of the system and in all communication material.

Ron Temperley, Managing Director of 20:20 RDI, explained the rationale:

“We recognise the importance of having a recognisable brand for our products as they become increasingly popular in our specialist market. 20:20 Field View communicates precisely the functionality and benefits of our system. The product allows the sales person to view a packet of data specific to the store being visited, with key issues and opportunities highlighted with warnings and alerts. Equipped with the latest position on sales, promotions and new launches the field sales person really can add enormous value when visiting the store. This is the latest step in an exciting journey to drive the sales of our clients’ products in store.”

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