20:20 RDI Launches EPoS Dashboard Service for Sales Directors and NAMs

20:20RDI launches EPoS dashboard service for Sales Directors & NAMs

Sales Directors have long bemoaned the fact that it is difficult to get one view of retailers EPoS date. With the launch of its Sales View, 20:20 RDI addresses that problem.
Ron Temperley, Managing Director of 20:20 RDI, explained the genesis of the product’s development.

Cosine and 20:20 RDI Enter into Strategic Partnership

Cosine and 20:20 Retail Data Insight enter into strategic partnership

20:20 RDI is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Cosine.
Cosine has been one the of the UK’s leading field sales and marketing agencies since its launch in 2005 and their Data Led Sales approach to developing field strategy and measuring activity has been instrumental in its success.

20:20 RDI Announces Launch of New Technical Centre in Lincoln

20:20RDI announces launch of new technical centre in Lincoln

20:20 RDI has moved in to a new site on the Lincoln University campus. The Sparkhouse complex is designed to support fast growing technology businesses and offers state of the art facilities with flexibility in terms of space that ideally suits 20:20 RDI’s needs.

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