The Top 6 Questions Every Sales Manager Should Be Asking

The Top 6 Questions Every Sales Manager Should Be Asking

Sending field teams to stores is a high cost investment. To ensure a good return, it is vital to assign resources to stores with the most pressing issues. Retailer EPoS data, coupled with mobile dashboards and alerts, provides field teams with insight into individual-level store and SKU performance, allowing them to take corrective action, reduce contact with compliant stores and increase time in stores with the greatest potential.

Global CRM and Retail Execution Software Provider StayinFront Acquires 20:20 Retail Data Insight

Global CRM and Retail Execution Software Provider StayinFront Acquires 20:20 Retail Data Insight

20:20 RDI is excited to announce our recent acquisition by StayinFront a leading global provider of mobile cloud-based field force automation solutions for the consumer goods industry.  Together, 20:20 RDI and StayinFront will deliver more meaningful and deeply integrated store and route dashboards, as well as leading-edge analytics and image recognition dashboards.

Mondelez Has Implemented 20:20 RDI’s Field View App in its Canadian business

Mondelez has implemented 20:20rdi’s Field View app in its Canadian business

Our 20:20 Field View App has been successfully proven in Mondelēz’s UK business and the Canadian team were keen to begin enjoying the benefits of the software. 20:20 Field View will significantly reduce the amount of time the Mondelēz team spends auditing products in-store, instead focusing on the important issue like SKUs which have stopped selling, promotions which are under-performing and new products which fail to make it to store on time.

20:20 Retail Data Insights Sales View

We’ve recently published a new video on our YouTube channel.

Click here to check it out.

20:20 RDI Attends Daytona’s Client Event in Paris

2020 attends Daytona's client event in Paris

Daytona recently held a client networking and idea exchanging event at their offices in Paris. As a long term partner, 20:20 RDI was invited to have a stand at this event in order to explain the exciting toolkit of ROI maximising software that we offer to their new and existing client base.

6 Key Questions to Ask your Field Marketing Provider

6 Key Questions to Ask your Field Marketing Provider

Many Field Marketing companies plan their campaigns based not on the opportunity to add incremental sales at store level but on the size of the store. This “insurance policy” approach fails to recognize that these bigger stores tend to be most compliant for promotions and new product launches and in fact, it is often the medium size stores where the greatest opportunity lies. To complicate things further, a store which has been historically compliant can easily have a problem at any given moment. This means that Field Marketing agencies and their brand owner clients must deploy resource on a discretionary basis, having analysed the most up-to-date EPoS data at store, day and SKU level.

To find out whether your Field Marketing agency is working with this philosophy, here are 6 questions you could ask to reveal the thinking behind their approach.

20:20 RDI Automates Field Call File Generation

20:20rdi automates field call file generation

When does the value of lost sales at in a retailer’s store portfolio reach a level that justifies a visit by a field marketing agent? And how can this be used to create a business case for incremental spend on field marketing that assures an appropriate ROI.

20:20 RDI Field View App Now a Registered Trademark

20:20 Field View App now a registered trademark

20:20 RDI  has registered a trademark for its App designed for use by field-based salespeople. The App will now be known as 20:20 Field View and the logo will appear in every client implementation of the system and in all communication material.

Sales View EPoS dashboard Now Provides Supply Chain Alerts

Sales View EPoS dashboard now provides Supply Chain alerts

20:20 RDI’s EPoS Dashboard (20:20 Sales View) now contains a variety of reports designed to optimise vital aspects of the supply chain between brand owners and retailers.

20:20 RDI Animation Explains EPoS Dashboard in Two Minutes

20:20rdi animation explains EPoS dashboard in 120 seconds

20:20 RDI’s EPoS dashboard helps sales teams measure and track retailer performance, identifying opportunities to increase sales and solve problems. Our two minute animation explains succinctly how the service works – ideal for potential clients wishing to explain the key features of the system to colleagues.

Click here to view the animation.

Cosine Takes 20:20 RDI to China

Cosine takes 20:20rdi to China

Cosine’s Chinese subsidiary has selected 20:20 RDI’s Field Sales App to support its key clients in an important roll out of the technology.

Specially adapted to reflect the idiosyncrasies of the Chinese retail environment, the app will be available on the handheld Android devices used by Cosine’s sales teams, and will help them rapidly identify the biggest opportunities to fix problems and increase sales at a store level.

Reckitt Benckiser Selects 20:20 RDI to Measure and Improve Sales

Reckitt Benckiser selects 20:20rdi to measure & improve sales

Reckitt Benckiser is one of the world’s largest healthcare household companies with sales in excess of £8 billion and operations in 60 countries worldwide. 20:20 RDI is delighted to announce an important strategic collaboration to support RB’s customer facing teams with its Sales Director’s Dashboard service.

General Mills Launches Sales Director’s Dashboard

General Mills launches Sales Director's Dashboard

General Mills has become the latest major consumer goods company to deploy 20:20 RDI’s Sales Director’s Dashboard.

With worldwide sales in excess of $19 billion, and operations in over 100 countries, GM’s brands occupy at number 1 or 2 positions in most of the markets in which they operate.

Coty Deploys Sales Director’s Dashboard in the UK

Coty deploys Sales Director's Dashboard in the UK

Coty UK has decided to invest in 20:20 RDI’s Sales Director’s Dashboard system to support its Sales, Marketing and Category Management teams. Coty has a significant presence in retail outlets in the UK, and provides expensive merchandising units to display its cosmetics and premium fragrance products.

Philips Lighting Chooses 20:20 RDI for Key Project

Philips Lighting chooses 20:20rdi for key project

Philips UK has chosen 20:20 RDI  to provide its SaaS (Software as a Service) Sales Director’s Dashboard tool to optimise its retailer execution and track retailer compliance to key trading terms agreements.

20:20 RDI Announces App for Field Based Teams

20:20RDI announces app for field based teams

20:20 RDI continues to be at the forefront of innovation in field sales by launching its new app for field sales personnel. Based on its popular SIPs concept (Store Improvement Plans) the app allows the sales person to download a packet of data containing all the key sales information about the store which is to be visited.

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