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Our Story

20:20 RDI was established to provide actionable insights for consumer goods companies by analysing retailers’ Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) data. In recent years, a growing number of enlightened retailers have made this data available to suppliers, with the aim of driving mutual efficiencies, especially in optimising retail execution. More recently, the granularity of the available data has increased, so that brand owners can now see sales of every product, in every store in a retailer’s estate, on every selling day of the year.

This means a mountain of data, presented in a different way by each retailer. Our software allows brand owners to interrogate this data, driving insights and highlighting opportunities to increase sales and improve salesforce ROI.

We work with data from major grocers, department stores, pharmacies and convenience retailers in many markets across the world. Our clients range from the 2nd largest food manufacturer in the world to companies with less access to analytic resource keen to discover what the latest thinking is in this area and how it can apply to them in their situation.

In June 2017, we were acquired by StayinFront, Inc., a global leader in salesforce automation and retail execution. This allows us access to significant product development and customer support resources and provides our clients with even better levels of customer service. We also have a worldwide network of offices providing sales and pre-sales support as well as ‘follow the sun’ help desk provision across all time zones.

Our Approach

We use our data-informed approach to help our clients to improve the ROI of their field sales operations. We know that no two brands are the same which is why we take the time to fully understand every client’s needs, then provide a bespoke and tailored software response to fit in with your KPIs. We move rapidly and flexibly from a Proof of Concept (POC) stage, to a pilot supported by rigorous business case reporting and analysis, to full country roll out in a fraction of the time required by many of our competitors. Our products are all available in a SaaS (Software as a Service) format, minimising the need for significant IS involvement.

Our Mission

We are proud of the value we add to our clients and ensure that any investment in our services provides a significant impact on your sales. Our goal is always to help our clients liberate the significant wins available from excellent execution of their sales driving investments in their current financial year.

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