Driving Actionable Insights From Retail Data

Our mission is to drive incremental sales for our clients. Our software analyses retailer EPoS data, identifies potential areas for improvement, then sends alerts to the relevant people in your business so that they can take action.

Live dashboards enable your teams to see what is happening in real time. Our systems automatically create graphs, charts and reports you need to effectively manage your retail customers, saving time and effort and ensuring that problems are solved when it still matters. Our intelligent algorithms show which stores are implementing promotions to the agreed schedule – from the first date to the last, with all the correct SKUs and occupying the right feature.

On a day-by-day basis you can see which stores or SKUs are under performing and take the right action. Automated reports show how quickly new products are rolling out – which stores are selling, when they started and when they run out of stock. Your ranging agreements are automatically tracked, with daily, weekly and monthly reports showing the retailers’ compliance to costly trading terms. If you deploy field salespeople or merchandisers, our software generates lists of the stores with the biggest ‘lost sales values’ so that you can maximise the return on your investments. We’ll help you calculate that ROI too, providing a tried and trusted measurement system that shows not only the financial return but also the specific activities, teams and individuals contributing to the result. Above all we’re the most flexible supplier you’ll ever work with. We work tirelessly to configure our software to reflect the priorities in your business – whatever your focus, we’ll make sure that our systems will support it.

Revenue Accelerator Workshop

Why not email or call us on +44 1522 837 252 to organise a Revenue Accelerator Workshop (RAW) and find out how our software can help to liberate potential incremental sales for your brand. It’s fast paced and provocative and your team just needs to show up – no preparation required! Book a RAW event now!

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20:20 Field View is a multi-platform application which directs field sales teams to the biggest opportunities in every store they visit. It generates daily, store level alerts to dramatically improve productivity and effectiveness. Click here to find out more

20:20  Sales View software generates timely reports and alerts highlighting performance gaps and sales opportunities, helping account managers and supply chain teams to optimise sales. Click here to find out more

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2020 ROI View 2

Our dashboard automatically calculates the ROI of field operations at the most granular level. This analysis of EpoS data leads to improvements in field marketing effectiveness. Click here to find out more

20:20 RDI’s Revenue Accelerator Workshop or RAW is a fast, hard hitting and great way for brand owners to see the potential incremental sales our software could help to liberate.Click here to find out more

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